September 16, 2019


60 Second Documentary with Adobe Premiere Rush. This was my first time using Adobe Premiere Rush. It was easy to use and a limited amount of tools compared to the pro version. The goal was to try this out to see if it would be easy to do with a class, it would hopefully have fewer software issues than running pro on the desktops. This is my quick overview of my neighborhood in Southwest Baltimore.



In this video, the viewer will see several southwest neighborhoods in Baltimore, MD. The communities include Hollins Market, Union Square, and Pigtown, which are the communities around the B&O Roundhouse. The video highlights some of the rowhouse houses in the area as well as a festival in Pigtown. Throughout the video, I tried to create a mixture of video with unique camera angles and shots. I created a variety of camera shots, mostly worm's eye to bird's eye angles, at times to create transitions between scenes. I was looking to highlight the building as well as some of the history of the area. When viewing the video, I speak at somehow the B&O Roundhouse is the first railroad line in the USA and started in Baltimore. The neighborhood rowhouse reflects the social-economic status of people in the 1800's.
Overall, the Rush program was more comfortable to use on the computer than my iPad or phone. I had some issues with the timing of the video, and the program was not working correcting on the iPad. I recently started a project with my students in Adobe Rush. They seemed to get the program quickly. They stated it was similar to other video editing software they have used in the past. The students are making quick informative videos about their perspective of the school. The goal was for them to understand transitions and cuts like the L-cut and J-cut. Adobe Rush layout makes it easier for me to show examples of the cuts.
Using it in class was a challenge because many students had issues having enough space on their phones. The Adobe Rush was ok to use as a warm-up to Premiere Pro, and would use it again if we move to distance learning, but in the actual classroom using Premiere Pro is fine for the first project.