Virtual Team Meeting


July 2020

This was a workshop for The Key School Faculty and was lead by two AIMS instructors David Dutrow and Lucia Hassell. It was an intense week of exploring, analyzing, and developing distance learning curriculum. Started the week thinking easy no problem and left the week feeling overwhelmed but thankful for all the resources. Read more...



This week-long workshop covered a variety of topics for the online teacher.

Day one: The Essential Questions of Distance Learning

Day two: Digital Citizenship

Day three: Tool Time

Day four: Assessing Appropriately

Each day could be a week by itself, and included reading, resources, and assignments on the daily theme. 


The reflective Journal was used to reflect on the daily slides and discussion. Overall the week for me was another opportunity to talk with other Key School Faculty and get to learn more about their teaching styles. Since we moved to distance learning in March I was missing the meetings and discussions from the faculty and staff. 

The third day was a lot about different tools to use online. However, there were more tools than time. Since Key School is Google school, I decided to be constant and use google tools and add-ons. Google Classroom has a simple grade book to update and share with students. Using Scholastic Art Magazine links up with google classroom and allows students to access their google school emails. 

The final project of the week was creating a unit/lesson plan using the information from the week. It must include R2D2 format, assessments, and tech tools.

PSA Poster Lesson Plan for Digital Art.

Screenshot 2020-07-22 03.23.29.png