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Feburary 2020


This was the second online conference I have done with The Art of Education University. I actually prefer this format of a conference than attending an in-person event, because my whole department can attend. This experience brought our department together. I loved our brainstorming and reflections that we had during the online conference. Read more...


Finding good visual art conferences as a k-12 educator is a challenge. However, The Art of Education is a great resource and community-building resource for art teachers like me. The conference was more directed towards elementary and middle school teachers.

The "Bringing Shibori Fabric Dye to Your Classroom" was interesting idea to been to an Art 1 class. The workshop that really got me thinking was how to develop a digital presence and the quarterly newsletter to administration. Often, the visual art classes get lost in the academic highlights. It will take some work, but the website had a great template for journaling highlights throughout a quarter. I also want to work with my department in making a digital art show to highlight all the cool artwork each quarter. The problem is making it work with images and videos. 

Getting to together with my department and discussing the online conference was inspiring and refreshing. We were able to look back the confidence and we have access for a year afterward. This is great in case I want to look at it again. The department was on the same page with building a digital presence on Instagram and creating a hashtag for sharing artwork. We are still working on it and it will need to be a goal for next year. We start it off right and get a following.